One of my illustrations on a beer can! Get your hands on Sour Harvest. A new beer in the Autumn Lineup by Collective Arts Brew. The beer is available in Canada only.




One of my New Year's resolutions is to draw more characters. Here we go: my "Kappa" for the guys of MerkenMerken


Tasty Fighters


I created a bunch of characters. The "Tasty Fighters". Blizz, the boxing ice cream. Ka-Cho, a cage fighting chocolate bar. Hot, an always tasty hot dog. He is a great Bruce Lee fan. Mr.G, a raging Gingerbread. Well known for his amazing karate. Ice, he is cool and has a legendary punch. Crane, a slice of pizza once left over by Mr. Miyagi. Donot nobody knows where he comes from. Maybe he is the result of secret experiments. Cotton is a bad guy. Cotton candy was never so dangerous. Mallow, soft and strong. Marshmallow with a big heart. Toffee, Mr. T is the newest tasty fighter. Ready to enter the ring. Big Ed is an ex Navy burger. Sgt. D. is a self-thaught martial arts master.

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On the road – sightseeing


"On the road" Created a new illustration! I am waiting for summer! Wouldn't it be nice if I could send my characters on vacation. Here we go! A nice red bus full of happy tourists driven by a cute dog and a cat. Let's go sightseeing! I used Affinity Designer to create this pic. Below you find the pencilsketch and two initial sketches from my sketchbook. "On the road" Ich warte sehnsüchtig auf dem Sommer und dachte es wäre doch schön meine Figuren mal in den Urlaub zu schicken. Also los! Ein niedlicher roter Bus vollgestopft mit fröhlichen Touristen, gefahren von einem Hund und einer Katze. Auf geht's zum Sightseeing! Das Bild wurde diesmal mit Affinity Designer erstellt. Unter dem Bild habe ich noch die Bleistiftzeichnung und darunter zwei frühere [...]

On the road – sightseeing2016-10-17T10:43:39+02:00

Portfolio update


Added a new project to my portfolio. I created vector illustrations and Gif-animations for the online game: “Bärchen-Land” You can find it in my portfolio section. Here is the link:

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„10 brilliant examples of artwork created with Affinity Designer.“


My work was featured in an article on "10 brilliant examples of artwork created with Affinity Designer." In this article 10 pro designers, artists and illustrators describe how this new rival to Illustrator is revolutionising how they work. Affinity Designer is a new vector design software. I tried it for several projects and really like it. I will definitely use it more in the future. You can try it too! The Affinity team released a free trial last week; download it from their website now (for Mac OS X 10.7.5 and above).

„10 brilliant examples of artwork created with Affinity Designer.“2016-10-17T10:43:45+02:00

The Great Hunt


I created a new piece. This one, named 'The Great Hunt', is very special. I used the new app Affinity Designer to create it. A new vector art software for Mac. "Affinity Designer is an incredibly accurate vector illustrator that feels fast and at home in the hands of creative professionals. It intuitively combines rock solid and crisp vector art with flexible layer management and an impressive range of high quality raster tools for finishing." (Source: I really like that app! Well designed UI and powerful tools. I especially love the color wheel. It makes the color choice very easy. In fact I missed nothing. This software is a real ( and surprisingly cheap) alternative. You can download the FREE beta version here: Ich habe wieder ein neues [...]

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MATS Bootcamp – June


Here are my illustrations for Lilla Rogers "Make Art That Sells - Bootcamp". The theme for June was "nautical". As always I started with many pencil drawings. I decided to vectorize two of them. Finally I submitted the one with the happy octopus to the MATS-gallery

MATS Bootcamp – June2016-10-17T10:43:51+02:00

MATS Bootcamp May


I missed to post the MATS may assignment. We had to create an editorial illustration for an article. The theme of the article was "How to mediate." and fight all the disruptions.

MATS Bootcamp May2016-10-17T10:43:51+02:00

We love Selfies!


Created some Characterselfies for Pictoplasma portrait project. Watch them bigger on my Flickr-stream.

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