Tasty Fighters


I created a bunch of characters. The "Tasty Fighters". Blizz, the boxing ice cream. Ka-Cho, a cage fighting chocolate bar. Hot, an always tasty hot dog. He is a great Bruce Lee fan. Mr.G, a raging Gingerbread. Well known for his amazing karate. Ice, he is cool and has a legendary punch. Crane, a slice of pizza once left over by Mr. Miyagi. Donot nobody knows where he comes from. Maybe he is the result of secret experiments. Cotton is a bad guy. Cotton candy was never so dangerous. Mallow, soft and strong. Marshmallow with a big heart. Toffee, Mr. T is the newest tasty fighter. Ready to enter the ring. Big Ed is an ex Navy burger. Sgt. D. is a self-thaught martial arts master.

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Big Rumble!


Created a new illustration. Big Rumble! It is part of a selfpromotional poster. You can find a bigger view at my flickr stream. Let me know what you think about it.

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