One of my New Year's resolutions is to draw more characters. Here we go: my "Kappa" for the guys of sketchdailies.com. MerkenMerken


Tasty Fighters


I created a bunch of characters. The "Tasty Fighters". Blizz, the boxing ice cream. Ka-Cho, a cage fighting chocolate bar. Hot, an always tasty hot dog. He is a great Bruce Lee fan. Mr.G, a raging Gingerbread. Well known for his amazing karate. Ice, he is cool and has a legendary punch. Crane, a slice of pizza once left over by Mr. Miyagi. Donot nobody knows where he comes from. Maybe he is the result of secret experiments. Cotton is a bad guy. Cotton candy was never so dangerous. Mallow, soft and strong. Marshmallow with a big heart. Toffee, Mr. T is the newest tasty fighter. Ready to enter the ring. Big Ed is an ex Navy burger. Sgt. D. is a self-thaught martial arts master.

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I love minivans. Especially the minivans from Japan. Round and small and very cute! And I love to draw them. Here are some examples I did in my spare time. 


Bubblefriends on Instagram


Just to let you know: Yes, I am on Instagram, too. :) I post fresh illustrations, work in progress pictures, sketches and more bubblefriends stuff. So please take a look and follow if you like! Here is the link: iambubblefriends Nur damit ihr Bescheid wisst: Ich bin auch auf Instagram zu finden! Einfach mal einen Blick riskieren und vielleicht, wenn ihr mögt, folgen. :) Hier ist der Link: iambubblefriends

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MATS Bootcamp – Februar


Hier sind meine Designs für Lilla Rogers 'Make Art That Sells bootcamp'. Die Teilnehmer dieses Kurses erhalten jeden Monat eine neue Aufgabe. Die Februaraufgabe lautete: Erstelle eine Handycoverillustration. Hauptelement der Gestaltung soll eine Kuckucksuhr Illustration sein. Ich sehe diesen Kurs als Chance neue Stile auszuprobieren und unabhänig von Kundenwünschen neue Lösungen zu finden. Alles fing wie immer mit Skizzen an, einer Menge Skizzen. Was macht einer Kuckucksuhr zu einer Kuckucksuhr? Dann ging es an die Illustrationen. Dieses mal habe ich weniger Verläufe benutzt und arbeitete mehr malerisch. Die zweite Illustration wurde, anders als sonst, komplett in Photoshop ausgeführt. Here are my designs for Lilla Rogers 'Make Art That Sells' bootcamp. In this e-course every month a new assignment is given. The MATS bootcamp is a great chance to try new [...]

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We love Selfies!


Created some Characterselfies for Pictoplasma portrait project. Watch them bigger on my Flickr-stream.

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The Elements of Cute Character Design


My new article is online! You’ve always wanted to develop a character which has the potential to enchant the world and to compete with Hello Kitty? In this article I’d like to present some elements making a character cute and lovable and to support you in achieving your goals. First, I talk about why something is regarded as cute. Afterwards I’d like to offer an overall view on cute proportions and as a conclusion consider general rules and tips. The goal is to create a manual of cute character design which can be universally used in the process of design. Read it on the new site Creative Sessions. Find the article here!

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I created four new Coffee Illustrations! Espresso, Cappuccino, Coffee to go and StarCoffee. Watch larger versions of these caffeine junkies on my on behance.net!