Ganbare Nippon Collab Tee


The Ganbare Nippon Collab shirt is now for sale on! Grab your tee now! 100% CHARITY DESIGN! All money goes to the Red Cross Japan to help the victims of the March 11 disaster in Japan! 
Thank you! (Don't hesitate to long the tee is only three days available!!)

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Ganbare Nippon Collab T-Shirt


WANT TO SUPPORT THE RED CROSS IN JAPAN BY BUYING THIS SHIRT? PLEASE VOTE HERE! Ganbare Nippon Collab is a design project organized by a dozen international artists from 4 continents, as an effort for offering a helping hand to the victims of the March 11 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan. The Japanese phrase GANBARE, NIPPON! or がんばれ日本! translates "Don’t give up, Japan”, “Hang in there, Japan", "Be strong, Japan". Each artist has designed a letter from the phrase. All funds gathered are donated to the Red Cross in Japan. Contributing artists: Paul Shih, Zitone, Chobopop, Bubblefriends, Peap Tarr, Stick-A-Thing, petitBREADfarm, Lunar, Mr. Wany , Brainstrikers ARTDENKA, Olla Boku, Lemon One

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