Wildpark Freunde


Für einen Wildpark habe ich einige niedliche Tiere entworfen. Die Hauptpersonen sind ein Otter, eine Ziege eine Wildkatze und ein Schaf (Heidschnucke). Entworfen speziell für Kindergartenkinder, die Hauptzielgruppe des Parks. Die Symphatiefiguren sollen unter anderem innerhalb des Parks und auf T-Shirts auftauchen. Created some animal characters. Otter, goat, wildcat and sheep.

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One of my projects was just featured on characterdesignserved.com. My BUBBLEARMY characters! Love to see them there! Here is the link.


Big Rumble!


Created a new illustration. Big Rumble! It is part of a selfpromotional poster. You can find a bigger view at my flickr stream. Let me know what you think about it.

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Love Totem


Little peek at a custom I did for Dolly Oblongs Papertotem serie. A Knight, a Dragon and a lovely Princess are the protagonists in a never ending love story. Coming soon!

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Rainbowfriend for Mimobot


This is my design for the Infectious x Mimobot Design Challence. The friendly Rainbowfriend. He is always on the run to bring the world more colour! Please help him and give him your vote! www.infectious.com/voting/bubblefriends/rainbowfriend/4840 Thanks!

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