One of my New Year's resolutions is to draw more characters. Here we go: my "Kappa" for the guys of sketchdailies.com. MerkenMerken


Tasty Fighters


I created a bunch of characters. The "Tasty Fighters". Blizz, the boxing ice cream. Ka-Cho, a cage fighting chocolate bar. Hot, an always tasty hot dog. He is a great Bruce Lee fan. Mr.G, a raging Gingerbread. Well known for his amazing karate. Ice, he is cool and has a legendary punch. Crane, a slice of pizza once left over by Mr. Miyagi. Donot nobody knows where he comes from. Maybe he is the result of secret experiments. Cotton is a bad guy. Cotton candy was never so dangerous. Mallow, soft and strong. Marshmallow with a big heart. Toffee, Mr. T is the newest tasty fighter. Ready to enter the ring. Big Ed is an ex Navy burger. Sgt. D. is a self-thaught martial arts master.

Tasty Fighters2016-10-19T09:36:10+02:00

Ballpoint doodle


Habe ein wenig mit einem Kugelschreiber rumgespielt. Eine wirklich gute Zeichenübung. Nichts kann korrigiert, bzw wegradiert werden. Also müssen die Striche wenigstens halbwegs sitzen. Did some doodling with a ballpoint pen. A really great drawing exercise. No chance to use a rubber.

Ballpoint doodle2017-01-25T14:46:10+02:00



I love minivans. Especially the minivans from Japan. Round and small and very cute! And I love to draw them. Here are some examples I did in my spare time. 


Library illustration


Illustration für die Bücherei der Stadt Monheim. "Das alles und noch viel mehr in Deiner... Bibliothek Monheim" Das Bild wurde als Siebdruck auf Stofftaschen gedruckt. Created an Illustration for the Monheim library. Many happy books having fun! Slogan: "That all and even more in your... Monheim library."

Library illustration2016-10-17T10:43:39+02:00

Vector Art Tutorial for Affinity Review Issue 1


I created this new picture with the great vector art software Affinity Designer. Below you find a short video that shows my whole process. Do you want to know more about the work with Affinity Designer? No problem. I wrote a vector drawing tutorial for the first issue of the FREE ezine, Affinity Review. Get your free copy here (available in iBooks format): affinity.serif.com/affinity-review

Vector Art Tutorial for Affinity Review Issue 12016-10-17T10:43:42+02:00



Ich habe eine neue Figur getöpfert: Bronco. Einer der letzten wahren Cowboys :) Hergestellt mit Ton nach dem Brennen bemalt mit Acrylfarbe. Created a new figure: Bronco. One of the last real cowboys :) Made with clay, painted with acrylic after firing.




Some time ago I wrote about the great characterdesign blog 'I Like Characters' run by Steve Rack. Now he posted this nice video. Maybe we can help him with his new project. He wrote: "Ilikecharacter.com ranks number 2 in a Google search for “character art”. Let’s see if we can make it to number 1! Spread the word and embed this video wherever you can." No problem Steve!


Create a Happy Tree Illustration with Bubblefriends – Tutorial


I was hired by vectortuts.com to write a tutorial. My first tutorial on this amazing website! Check it out! "If you want to learn how to craft unique character illustrations in Illustrator, then we have an awesome tutorial for you. In this tutorial, Bubblefriends takes us through the process of using a sketch, Illustrator's tools, and some artistic ingenuity to make this happy illustration. Learn more about this tutorial at the jump!" It is a members only tutorial, but maybe you become one;)

Create a Happy Tree Illustration with Bubblefriends – Tutorial2016-10-17T10:45:06+02:00