One of my illustrations on a beer can! Get your hands on Sour Harvest. A new beer in the Autumn Lineup by Collective Arts Brew. The beer is available in Canada only.




‘Stephen Chan and Friends Presents’ - Two Colours / Three Dimensions FACEBOOK PAGE: ‘OPENING NIGHT’ : Friday 17th May - 6pm - till late ‘LIVE SCREENPRINTING’ : Saturday 18th - Sunday 19th May - 3pm - 7pm ‘EXHIBITION ENDS’ : Friday 28th June - 7pm ‘Stephen Chan and Friends Presents’ is the first exhibition developed and curated by illustrator and graphic designer ‘Stephen Chan’ & ‘Odd One Out’ Gallery. He has drawn together 30+ creatives around the theme of Anaglyph / Red and Blue, exploring illusions and 3D effects along with a visual narrative of ‘Opposition and Harmony’. Stephen Chan and Friends brings: Animation, Surrealism and Papercraft to the table all in the vibrant setting of - Hong Kong - at the serene cafe / gallery ‘Odd One Out’ [...]

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Jellyfriends – new portfolio project


Habe ein neues Projekt in meinem Portfolio. Niedliche Freunde aus Wackelpudding - die Jellyfriends. Na dann guten Appetit! Jellyfriends! :) I added a new project to my portfolio! Take a look at my cute Jellyfriends! Enjoy your meal :)

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Bubblefriends meets He-Man


Hier ist mein Beitrag zum Hero Tribute Projekt von DGPH aus Argentinien. "Wähle eine TV-, Comic-, oder Videospielfigur aus deiner Kindheit für eine Illustration." Ich hab natürlich He-Man gewählt. Welcher Junge hätte damals nicht gern das Schwert von Grayskul in den Himmel gestreckt und die magischen Worte gerufen? :) Here is my piece for the Hero Tribute Project by DGPH from Argentina. "Reinterpret a character you loved during your childhood." I chose He-Man. (The guy with the power of Grayskul.)

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For the last two weeks every blogpost on centers around dragons. Check out this great blog, watch all the incredible fantasyart and get great painting tips from really awesome artists.